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Buy-Foods.com is the leading global wholesale food marketplace. Website created for the sale of wholesale food in different countries of the world. Finding the best price offers, tracking international trends in the food market and the search for innovative food products. We connect buyers and sellers from all over the world!

Our goal is to create a system better distribution of food products in the world. To help manufacturers to enter new countries markets with minimal costs and most efficient. Suggest distributors, retailers and other wholesale customers the largest selection of proposals.

We have created a website management system simple and understandable. Users can quickly find the desired product in many selection options.

Our users are the company's food business: manufacturers, distributors, importers, wholesalers, retailers, HoReCa and other.

We cooperate with many public and private food associations and unions.


Registration and My profile

How to register?

Complete a simple registration (email + password) will get access to many services on the website.

To be able to "Post an Ad" fill page "My Profile".

What is it "My Profile"?

The form contains information about the company or person, type of business, products, address and etc.

Edit information: My profile - Edit My profile.

About ads

Post an ad it free?


All published ads for free!

How do I post an ad?


Post an ad - Fill out the form Product information.

How to update an ad?

Go to the page My profile - My ads - Update to the TOP

A update is when an ad is pushed to the top of the search results or listings page in that specific subcategory. The goal behind it is to give more exposure to your ad and generate more leads that will result in a faster sale. Update the ads every 18 hours.

How to edit an ad?

Go to the page My profile - My ads - Edit ad.

How to delete an ad?

Go to the page My profile - My ads - Delete ad.

How to get statistics ad?

Go to the page My Profile - My Ads - Ad statistic.

How to effectively fill in a form ad

For better search and classification of the goods we have created following the logic of the classifieds.

We start from the basics of the product, and all additional features and status of product are added to the state by selecting.

For example, if you are selling frozen meat. You choose in the classifier (group - category - subcategory) meat, and choose in the Product status - frozen. Thus adding additional product specifications.

We divided the products packaged and in bulk, organic and inorganic.

What is the product name?

Please specify the type of product. For example: Instant coffee, Chilled beaf, Wheat flour, Black tea etc.

What is the product features?

Please specify: class,form, size, caliber, grade, species, shape, type, style and etc. For example: 1st grade, caliber 50-60, class "A".

What is the group - category - subcategory?

Classifier products which creates a segmentation framework.

What is the product status?

Product characteristics state: raw materials, alive, fresh, chilled, dehydrated, frozen, dried, roasted, instant, pickled, smoked, vacuum, canned, prepared.

What is the primary package?

Material and type of primary packaging. For example: glass jar, paper pack, tin etc.

What is the amount in package?

Number of unit, piece, pack, bottles, jar, tray, kg., liter in the secondary packaging PER carton, bag, box, case, tank etc.

What is the quantity available?

Possibility of supply for a period of time unit, piece, kg., ton, liter, carton, bag, box, case, ounce, pound, dozen, gallon, tray, tank PER days, months, year.

What is the quantity of (boxes, cases etc)?

Number of unit, piece, kg., ton, liter, carton, bag, box, case, tank that can be loaded PER 20 DC cont.(33cub.m.), 20 HC cont.(39cub.m.), 40 DC cont.(68cub.m.), 40 HC cont.(76cub.m.), Truck 82 cub.m, Truck 90 cub.m, Truck 110 cub.m, Truck 120cub. m.

What is the country original?

The country where the products was produced.

What is the terms of shipment?

Select shipment Terms: EXW, FCA, CPT, CIP, DAT, DAP, DDP, FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF.

What is the audio?

Please, record the sound track about its product.

Now, any customer will be able to hear "live" the competitive advantages of your product.

What is the sertificates?

Select the certificate that has the product.

What is the Product description?

Describe the main advantages of the product and basic values. Other details related to the product.

Other Useful Tips

How to sell faster?

Correctly and completely fill the form ad - Update an ad every 18 hours - Do not place more than one product in one ad - Use advertising opportunities website.

How to find the best price?

Search using a filter or classifier page with the issuance of the desired product. Choose the products and add to service "Compare" according to your request. Compare products by many criteria. Add to favorites. Get the best price offers.

How to find the desired product?

Search using a filter or classifier page with the issuance of the desired product.

How do I contact the company or the people on the site?

You can write them a letter directly from the website, or call the above number.

How to save the selected parameters Search?

Select searching and clicking on the button "Save search". Give a name to your search.

How to subscribe Email alerts to the selected searching?

Select searching and clicking on the button "Save search". If you want to receive Emails when ads match this search confirm this. Unsubscribe from Email alerts you can My profile - My searches.

How to find the selected parameters Search?

Click on the link "My searches" and select your saved searches.

How to Add favorites?

Select an ad, click "Add favorites". Find selected favorites My profile - My favorites.

How to change Email or Password?

Go to the page My profile - Account settings.

What makes the audio accompaniment to your ad?

Record the sound track of its product, it will provide ads to other sellers.

Now, any customer will be able to hear "live" the competitive advantages of your product.

I've sent several emails to an ad but I haven't received a single response. What do I do?

In this case, all that you can do is wait and/or send another message to the advertiser. Some users may take awhile to respond, others may get so many responses that they don't reply to them all, and others may have already sold.

Luckily there are many ads on Buy-Foods.com , and you should be able to find a comparable deal soon.

How to avoid fraud and scams

Do not extend the payment provider is not checked.

Do not extend the payment until you have checked the quality of goods.

Do not extend the payment until you have checked the availability of the goods.

Learn the history of the supplier and get recommendations from its partners.

Check out all the supporting documents: documents on the availability of goods, certificates, permits, and so.

Enclose Professional contract.

Transactions between users only, no third party provides a "guarantee".

Never give out financial information (bank account, social security, PayPal account, etc.).

How do I report something to you?

If you come across something that upsets you or makes you suspicious, click the "Report this ad" button. Select the topic of the report: spam, fraud, mescategorized, repetitive listing, incorrect price and send it to us. We'll take a look (usually within a few hours) and decide what to do next.

You have questions or suggestions?

Please email info@buy-foods.com

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